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NICE 10 K Road Race 2022: Cannon Hill Park

I was tempted to cut & paste the Bournville leafy 10K write up for this one, another cracking race over here in South West Brum.

Last Sunday, 30 October, the NICE Centre for Movement Disorder held its annual charity 10 K road race in Cannon Hill Park. This is an annual event particularly popular with local club runners and you couldn’t move without seeing a Bournville Harrier, a BRAT or a Kings Heath Runner so there is always a fairly competitive feel to this event with lots of club vests on display. Nevertheless, the event has a really friendly atmosphere and is extremely well organised with great marshalling and support around the course which is a flat and fast two and a half lapper around Cannon Hill Park.

119 runners completed the race, among them the following Sparkhill Harriers:

Dave Pearson 38th in 48.09 (6th MV55)

Rob Mills 41st in 48.25 (3rd MV60)

Megan Harris 55th in 51.09 (3rd FV45)

Margaret Ehrenberg 104th in 66.11 (5th FV60)

Lovely weather, smiling faces, great cakes... sounds familiar? Not expecting too much of these in our forthcoming cross country season!

Rob Mills

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Martin Millicheap
Martin Millicheap
29. Nov. 2022

Well done everybody. All done in a good cause.

Gefällt mir
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