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Race Report/Weather Report from Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you to Martin Millicheap for this update from his holidays in Auckland. Sounds like it was a bit damp!


Gill and Martin arrived at Auckland International Airport Friday the 27th of Jan.

The weather was rather damp to say the least. Two zombies got through passport control collected luggage then through bio control after two hours one loses the will to live. Finally were through well until a sniffer dog made a grab for my rucksack. Two days previously I had apples in there.

Anyway after that looking for our car rental. It was an off site company. We crossed the road and got soaked to get under a canopy to where we would get picked up. Shuttle bus picks us up and by then we are really getting wet.

We leave the rental company in our little Suzuki car. The rain is getting heavier. Reach our motel with the help of a sat nav more by luck than judgement.

Two hours later, cases are still in the car, the rain is still getting heavier. We decide to find a fish & chip shop and a supermarket.

On the way we see a woman pulling a child out of a drain. The weather is now of biblical proportions so we go back to the motel empty handed.

We were hoping to do the Cornwall park parkrun the following morning. Later that

evening the parkrun website said: Cancelled due to danger to life.

Saturday afternoon was gorgeous we even got a suntan.

A few stats. Auckland had 12 inches of rain, 4 people died, 3000 properties flooded, 4000 cars written off, airport closed as under two foot of water.

Happy holidays!

Martin Millicheap.



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