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Registration Details for the 2023 Worcestershire Midweek Series

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

For anyone who enjoyed Andy Wadsworth's race report from the Worcestershire Midweek Series 2022 please see below for details on how to register for the 2023 races in May, June, July and August.

Andy Wadsworth competing in the Worcestershire Midweek Series 2022. Photo credit David Ball BnR_Photos

The Worcestershire Midweek Series is back again for 2023. The format will be as past years. However due to events outside our control we have had to move the dates and locations around. So please read carefully.

Race 1 - Tuesday 16 May 2023 - Hagley

Race 2 - Wednesday 21 June 2023 - Redditch

Race 3 - Wednesday 12 July 2023 - Droitwich

Race 4 - Wednesday 16 August 2023- Clent

All races will start at 7.30pm and race numbers can be picked up from 6.30pm

The first event will again be hosted at Haybridge High School, but on a Tuesday night.

Another change for this year is utilising Spond as an on line booking and payment system to cut down on admin and tidying up the registration process.

Having received a link to the Spond Club Website you will be directed to a menu page where you have different entry options.

The Link is:

If you are entering all 4 races choose the "All Four Races" option and pay at the end of this entry. This will work out the best value. If you are entering more than one race but not all four then you will need to choose each race, one at a time, paying at the end of each entry.

There is a flat rate entry fee for each race whether you are EA registered or not.


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