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Sparkhill Harriers running the London Marathon 2023

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Lots of Sparkhill interest in this year’s London Marathon with four Harriers pounding the streets of London this Sunday.

Julie Brooks and Katie Brown are running in memory of Katie's sister-in-law Heather who passed away last year and fundraising for Marie Curie.

Jane Bartholomew is running with her deferred place from last year and raising money for the The Brain Tumour Charity.

Clare Curnow is also running after successfully gaining a place.

Good luck to all four runners and make sure you are not smiling or waving at the cameras as Craig might see you and tell you off for not using your arms properly or some other technical transgression!

Also running is a former Sparkhill Harrier, Alistair Rutherford, who now runs with Liverpool Harriers: he is the current world record holder for running the marathon (and half-marathon) dressed as a musical instrument (a viola… ) although I don’t think he’s wearing his outfit on Sunday.


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